Pappel Studios

Pappel Studios

Pappel Studios hosts a team of exemplary creative entrepreneurs. Their passion lies in the top-shelf, extraordinary projects, the ones we always dream of doing but are never given full artistic license. From film makers to music shakers and cross genre creators, Pappel Studios connects, seeds, nurtures and cultivates the most unique artists and their refined talents.

The debut production Symphony of Now demonstrates the company’s creative intentions, successfully fusing various genres and collaborating with leading artists in a quest to deliver contemporary, emotional experiences.

Pappel Studios founders Max Hassemer and Brendan Shelper are long-time collaborators producing compelling event projects.

Symphony of Now

In the feature-length film Symphony of Now, a range of urban panoramas, personal ciphers and nighttime stories unfold under the guidance of director Johannes Schaff.

Revisiting the avantgarde approach of Walther Ruttmann’s Berlin – Die Sinfonie der Großstadt, the 1927 film that describes a typical day in Berlin, Symphony of Now offers a kaleidoscopic sequence of scenes and images from nighttime Berlin.

Using the camerawork of filmmaker Lil’ Internet and Alexandra Weltz, in addition to his own cinematography, director Johannes Schaff leads the viewer past urban panoramas, along recognisable junctures, to private moments and secret places.

The films aural backbone is provided by a score curated by Innervisions’ Frank Wiedemann, with kindred Berlin musicians spanning several eras.